ANR Asset Management Brokerage has worked with clients on projects ranging from simple development, redevelopment and remodeling projects to full, build to suite construction assistance.  Our capacity has been as minimal as a simple advisor and consultant, to as substantially acting as the de facto developer handling all of the work required to bring a project from conception to completion.   Construction management services may include but are not limited to the following areas.

  • Tracking, projecting, scheduling and mimizing use of available funds
  • Optimizing project design and final use to generate the best returns
  • Coordination with governmental offices
  • Controling of the scope of the work
  • Project scheduling
  • Assisting with contractor and subcontractor selection
  • Evaluating market and creating a development plan in order to generate the best returns for investors
  • Coordination with architects, designers and contractors to maximize the functionality and marketability of the final project
  • Acting to help avoid of delays, changes and disputes
  • Cash flow Management

There are many aspects which are also available.  We encourage potential clients to contact us and discuss your project and specific needs and desires.