ANR Asset Management Brokerage is a full service real estate firm specializing in customer service allowing and encouraging direct access to the agents actually working on the projects. We typically provide commercial real estate brokerage services for the Southern California market, however, ANR also represents clients' needs nationally and internationally.  Our experience spans sales and leasing and the representation of owners, tenants, buyers, sellers, investors, and the Courts in these transactions.








In representing the interests of landlords, we work diligently to help our owners understand the current state of the market and devise strategies to best capitalize on this data. With respect to marketing and leasing spaces; we develop, with the owner, an approach that maximizes the income while minimizing vacancies. Our marketing involves the traditional use of all the relevant multiple listing services (MLS),  cold calling, direct mail and email marketing as well as more modern communication methods which are internet based.  The end result is to provide the best market penetration strategy for each property. Once a marketing program is established, we provide feedback on the effects to the ownership, fine tune and adjust the tactics based on the feedback and results. Once a property or tenant has been procured we offer additional services of property management and support.


While working representing tenants, in both leasing and purchasing property, we provide our services based on that of a consultative approach.  Because real estate is a tool used in assisting our clients in conducting their business, our goal is to understand your needs and work with you to tailor a commercial real estate solution that meets the needs of your company; with an eye towards both near term and long term goals.  Our primary business is real estate; this is not typically the case with the tenants we represent;  therefore our experience and expertise can help our clients to understand and weigh the risks and rewards of various possible directions to meet their goals and needs. Once a strategy has been formulated, we continually work to find and evaluate potential properties.  When one or more properties have been identified, our expertise comes into play negotiating and securing the acquisition of the property within the developed strategy.


We work diligently to understand the investment criteria of each investor and then develop a subsequent strategy to help them purchase a successful investment. Some investors want stable, relatively hassle free returns, others are looking for projects that involve turning around underperforming properties, and still others are looking for development and redevelopment opportunities.  Once we have identified a few potential properties that meet the desired requirements, we work to analyze the numbers and create a realistic expectation of income and expenses subject to external factors that may affect the property in the short and long term. Our job is not just to sell you a property, our job is to provide you with an investment that meets your specific requirements.