The HVAC ducts on the 3rd floor are being cleaned this week.  This is to remove any built-up debris in the ducting.  In support of this the main air handler is also being worked on to remove and replace worn down materials. 

This work is being done after hours around 7:00 pm.  And will require the management to access the suites on the 3rd floor.   The access is to allow the repair crew to install filters into the vents on Monday and Tuesday (11/15 & 16/2010), Clean the vents and remove the filters Wed, and Thursday (11/17 & 18/2010).

Please contact Chris or Julie with any questions or concerns

UPDATE: 11/22/10

Today should be the last day of duct work maintenance on the 3rd floor.  We will be going through more duct cleaning tonight (7 pm) Monday 11/22/10